Our services

Student Recruitment

Recruitment of students to study in World class International Colleges and University We facilitates the following:

  • Students Admission and enrollment/placement
  • Student Entry Visa Facilitation
  • Student Excursion and Vacation Programmes
  • Tuition made simple/easy
  • Fast-Track Degree Programmes
  • Visa and immigration for Business, Family and Vacation Programmes
  • International Study-link Scheme and Continuous Professional Training Abroad

Cambridge International Resources

Cambridge International Resources it includes electronic resourses like electronic Board, text bookswhich includes both sec. The achievements of our company include living up to the perception of being trust worthy, everlastingly facilitating and caring for the eligible students. They are placed and guided with respect to their capabilities.

Educational Oversea/Local Tour

In partnership with PLG Educational camps. SOSIEC take students both in primary and secondary schools on excursion to visit top cities overseas, adventures, museum, Aquarium Zoo, and some attractive places so as to expose them to differient ethnics, culture of other country which will enhance their carrier advancement.

Visa Processing &Ticketing

Do you need help with your travel visa application or want to learn more about obtaining a travel visa? Please contact us


24 Hour Support

For years, we have been playing a pivotal role in providing guidance and counseling to students who seek admission in any highly rated foreign college or university to acquire an accredited and recognized degree that would lead to academic excellence and their overall career success.

Full Security

We bring to awareness, the numerous existing academic windows in our partner Colleges and Universities to prospective students. We assist potential students to access these windows through a well-guided professional counseling, provided by expert counselors with verse experiences in international student recruitmentp>

Creative Process

we strive to provide students’ with world-class resources to help them investigate and pursue an international education, through relevant content, and engaging websites that offer only the best in students’ connection to study abroad.

Quality Performance

Our services focuses on placing prospective students with financial ability to study abroad as well as facilitate executive training overseas.